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Lidia Costantini Photographer Lidia is a renowned international photographer who has captured the love, beauty and passion of the bridal couples she has had the pleasure of working with. Graduating from the National Institute of Photography of Rome in 1991 she has focused and loved working in the wedding genre has also worked extensively with but not limited to: • International Magazines • Sport and Celebrities • News and Public Awareness She has a strong connection to her Italian Heritage and the passion of the Italian people but also treasures the art she has created globally. She is in the preferred vendor list wedding photographers of: Fairmount Chateaux Montebello Quebec Marriott Ottawa Hotel Ontario Hotel Quintessence Mont Tremblant Quebec The Gatineaux Golf Club Quebec “a rush of adrenalin… That’s Lidia when she talks about past photo shoots or ones she is planning on. She doesn’t content herself with simply photographing her subjects, instead she strives to “live” them deeply with incredible enthusiasm now ever so rare to find in editorial offices. Lidia doesn’t search for beautiful images alone. She looks for a story and peop0-le she wishes to uncover and tell about. Naturally she always ends up with images that are not only beautiful, but also exciting.” Marco Finazzi - Vanity Fair, Photo Editor

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Via Giare 4 37022 Fumane Verona



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animo gentile

Roberto ha un animo gentile, disponibile, oltre che ad essere un ottimo professionista, mi piace lavorare con lui e confrontarmi. Le sue storie vanno dritte al cuore.

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